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Microsoft, a US software giant created Windows Azure, a cloud computing platform for building, deploying and managing applications and services through a global network of Microsoft-managed datacenters.

And with System Center, it helps customers realize the benefits of the Microsoft Cloud Platform. Mentioning System Center, it has several components which will help people to bring about success in business.

Service Manager is one of its components and it has been very helpful in delivering standardize service across organizations. It is likely to happen that within organizations; they will encounter issues or problems concerning processes. With Service Manager, it has several tools developed by software developers to solve issues faster. Like SCSM Workflow Optimizer written by Cased Dimensions which optimizes workflow!

Workflow is a sequence of activities that automate a business process. When authoring workflow to handle process automation, you can quickly create hundreds of workflows.

But, creating workflows will have an impact on performance. Hence, you do not need to write hundreds of workflow and it is much easier to author and manage workflow with Workflow Optimizer on your side.